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R&R – Episode 152 – The Frog, The Weapon, and The Statue

With the orgy of Delvahine ended, the party returns to the Runeforge’s well to manufacture the dominant weapon. Which weapon will be chosen, and what will happen now that the party has a dominant weapon?

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Rocks and Runelords – Episode 152 – The Frog, The Weapon, and The Statue

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R&R – Episode 151 – Delvahine(s) and Their Loyal Subjects

Villentre kicked down the door in the Shimming Veils of Illusion and was greeted by six succubi all named Delvahine. They use their charm, and subject multiple members of the party to their own personal desires. How will the party handle battling themselves?

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Episode 145 of Rocks and Runelords is LIVE! The group's journey in the hallway of gluttony continues! Did Po make the right decision, or will the party continue to struggle? Find out this week!
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Episode 3 of #KaioCinema is live! This week the guys cover Mystical Adventure, the third #DragonBall movie! The winner of our popcorn maker giveaway is announced at the end of the ep!
https://t.co/hJkS4jZabz https://t.co/t4OPpX9AnJ
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