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R&R – Episode 134 – Rampo’s Wild Shopping Trip!

Grab your gold and get ready to spend big!

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AMP – Episode 83 – Professor Endeavor!

Hawks is a sneaky boy. Endeavor realizes the stakes surrounding Hawks’ encoded message. There’s a largely irrelevant filler episode. Plus contest rules!

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R&R – Episode 133 – I Told You So!

This week, the crew attempts to solve a magical puzzle, and their efforts are thwarted. Will they make it out alive? Oh, and Po told us so.

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Check out these sweet #MyHeroAcadamia #UniVersus #CCG decks! While you are at it, give @Allmightypod a listen for some #MHA coverage. We cover the Anime and Vigilantes!


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Here's your chance to snag a #MyHeroAcademia #CCG Midoriya/Bakugo deck set. Check out the link on how to enter! Unfortunately, due to shipping constraints this is limited to the Contiguous U.S. Please retweet and comment your fave #MHA character and why!
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It's #AllmightyMonday! This week Adkins and Adam discuss episodes 103/104 of #MyHeroAcademia. We also talk rules for our #MHA #UniVersus giveaway! Be sure to follow @Allmightypod for more info!


Tonight, Age of Heroes, the latest #DnD5e #TwitchStream will be live at 9:00 PM Eastern! Come hang out with the crew and see what hijinks they get themselves into! https://t.co/rCFNZHsVhO BackPatioNet photo