Welcome To The Back Patio

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Back Patio Network! We are a podcasting network based out of Knoxville, TN. We have multiple weekly release podcasts in the works, ranging from actual play Pathfinder campaigns to comic books, cigars and much more! Stay tuned and share with your friends! Currently we have a bi-weekly released pod, The New Path Podcast, featuring Wes Smith, Hannah Sims, Matt Brewer Adam Sims and Casey Davis. 

Meet the Cast!

Wes Smith


A guy who likes to do Podcasts. More info coming soon.

I should not be this excited about a re-release of a game that is 15 years old.

Hannah Sims


Winnie & Walter’s mom. Adam’s wife. Taco Bell enthusiast. Lover of words, food, and elephants.📚🌮🐘

Matt Brewer


Player. Podcaster. Editor. Producer. Writer. GM. 

Adam Sims




Occasional IT guy. 

Casey Davis


Gamer/Player, Aspiring Husky Rancher, Travel Enthusiast, Amateur Sous Vide Chef.

Welcome to our latest #podcast @CBCabinetPod A show all about your favorite #comicbooks Enjoy listening to our hosts dissect @Marvel's #SpiderMan From Amazing Fantasy 15 to @DanSlott's incredible sign off AMS801. This is Comic Book Cabinet!
https://t.co/HkfVCBpdhy https://t.co/i5sbVNTAUF
CritFumbleCasey photo

Mike Adkins


Mike Adkins is the co-founder of NerdsOnEarth.com. Youth pastor, avid reader, social gamer, lover of anti-heroes, and undeniable nerd. He would totally choose the darkside. 



Prrrrrrr. Mroww? Meep? Mew? ROWW! Wow! Mewp?


-Yeah we aren’t sure what he’s saying either but he’s our sound engineer that makes us all sound great! 

I guess now is the perfect time to tell you. Next weeks @CBCabinetPod episode is all about #MoonKnight! May Konshu bless your #weekend! This series is going to be incredible! https://t.co/a7Mrdby1St https://t.co/gF3nWU6GQm
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Marvel Studios @MarvelStudios
Just announced at #D23Expo, MOON KNIGHT, an original series from Marvel Studios, only on Disney+ https://t.co/iMHyl7BuAQ