Comic Book Cabinet

Hosted ByAdam Sims & Wes Smith

Join your hosts Adam and Wes as they explore the History of Comics, one character at a time. Listen and learn with them as they read and explore comics from Antman to Zatanna and so much more! If you enjoy comics this is the podcast for you! We have a pre-season episode out now with much more to come early 2019!

CBC – Episode 6 – Shazam!

Welcome to the Comic Book Cabinet! Here on the Back Patio, we absolutely love comics. Unfortunately, Wes hasn’t read many of them, so we are going character by character and catching him up to speed with the masks and capes of the comic world.

Welcome to episode 6 of CBC! This week our boys break down your favorite mystical hero, Shazam from DC Comics! Billy Batson is a young boy with the ability to turn into Captain Marvel or Shazam? Hold on, I thought Captain Marvel was a soldier in the Marvel universe? Well, yes, she is! However, this week we are talking about DC’s Shazam, who used to be known as Captain Marvel, I know, it can be confusing! That’s why we are here! Welcome to the Lawsuit so far!

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CBC – I Kill Giants!

Welcome to episode 1 of season 2 of Comic Book Cabinet! This week Adam and Wes cover the hit movie and graphic novel!

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Pre-Season – DC vs Marvel!

Adam and Wes discuss their thoughts on the 1996 mini-series DC vs Marvel! Pre-Season...

Episode 9 – Iron Man Part 2

Welcome to episode 9 of Comic Book Cabinet! We are finishing off our season...

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