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R&R – Ep 94 – Stocks and Bonds!

…in which Villentre receives some subpar customer service, Vanak encounters some nerds, Po finds he has people skills, and Droth’s foot gets stuck in his own digestive system. Patrick continues to suck. Brought to...

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R&R – Ep. 93 – Everybody Hates Patrick!

We’re back in the mountains again this week– join our friends as Droth usurps a throne, Villentre looks for some distance, Po has babes on the brain, and Vanak plays the peacemaker. But they...

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AMP – Episode 60 – 8 Punch Man!

The gang gets some SWAG. We ponder Fat Gum’s weight gain secrets. Tsukauchi smells like roses. We learn WAY too much about the bathroom habits of mantises. Brought to you by Back Patio Network...

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Episode 92 – Pod Person

Find out this week whether Villentre survives his ordeal with Barl. Will his friends come to his aid or leave him dying in the snow?  What else could be hiding in this cavern? Do Stone...

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Episode 91 – Barrel o’ Crits

This is an insane episode. Wes learns about a new mechanic, Po gets crazy, Vanak releases fiery doom and Villentre…well, you’ll have to listen to find out.  It gets CRAZY! Brought to you by Back...

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AMP – Episode 59 – Snip Snip, Clip Clip!

Koichi awakens to a new move. Trigger’s bad, mmmkay? And there’s some mechacrabtastic rampaging. Is Pop doomed?

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AMP – Episode 58 – Filler School Briefs Volume 1!

Join Adam Sims and Michael Adkins as they begin their heroes’ journey through My Hero Academia! Each week, they will view and discuss two episodes. You can watch along with them on Hulu, VRV,...

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Episode 90 – Knockin’ Back Cold Ones

Listen in as Villentre, Po, Vanak and Droth take on the Ice King from Game of…wait, no, wrong story arc. But this guy looks like he could be the Ice King’s Ancestor. Will Vanak prove he’s...

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Episode 89 – Dying to Smootch

Welcome to Rocks and Runelords! Where we’re slingin’ rocks and slayin’ Runelords. A weekly actual play podcast of Paizo’s adventure path Rise of the Runelords. The group continues to tear through Hook Mountain, avenging...

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AMP – Ep 57 – Survival Training OVA’s!

Adam and Mike recap and review the two newest MHA OVAs. Murphy’s Law is definitely in effect for Class 1-A as they race to rescue the lone survivor of a fire. Adkins is uncharacteristically...

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R&R – Episode 88 – WWVD?

This week on Rocks and Runelords, Po entices some ogres, Vanak has them insight, while Villentre scouts and Droth sings! The cave infiltration continues! Brought to you by Back Patio Network Brought to you...

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Episode 87 – Frogs Don’t Fish!

Vanak fancies himself a tactician, Droth, and Villentre attempt to interrogate an ogre and Po investigate a creepy cave. This week’s episode of R&R is as action-packed as always!  Brought to you by Back...

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AMP – Episode 56 – Seasons Come and Go!

There’s a posse of pervy villains on the loose. Knuckleduster retires? Captain Celebrity needs a nap. Manbat returns. And there’s another Narufest, but what are those and who cares? Each week, we will read...

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R&R – Episode 86 – Frog With a Big Bag of Heads!

Join our friends again this week as they travel in style with Villentre’s Taxi Service, discuss finances, and get further into trouble as they ascend the Hook Mountains! Brought to you by Back Patio...

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RnR – Episode 85 – No Nickelback!

Welcome to another adventure filled episode in which Droth, Vanak, and Po (but not Villentre!) wreak havoc upon the poor citizens of Turtleback Ferry! Give a listen to find out why they will never...

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