Safi, created by our friend SiMonsterousArt, who is currently accepting commissions! You can find him on Twitter here:

Yenli, created by our friend, Bruno! Join the discord and get to know them!

The Sandpoint Four, created by our friend Ryan Stone, who is currently accepting comissions! You can find him on Twitter here:

These awesome pieces were created by a great friend of the pod, Lyssa! She's super active in the discord and definitely worth getting to know! Be sure to give her a follow on twitter here:

"Mama I shall ignore you until you turn on this special cat fountain but I shall make sure you can't miss me obviously ignoring you" - Keres, 2021 LyssaLittleBear photo

I want to do more to help around the house so I am trying to fold a basket of laundry. One min on the stopwatch and that time is for folding, then ten minutes for rest. Repeat, hopefully. Let's see if it makes me sick... Life with chronic illness is oof.

Yenli & Benjen and Safi & Fenlen created by Denpasei, Who is currently accepting commissions! You can find her on Twitter here:

Im so bored of drawing corn

I force myself to draw establishing shots and backgrounds in majority of panels because eventually they'll look better lmfao avoiding it will help nothing