Rocks and Runelords

Hosted ByWes Smith, Matt Brewer, Hannah Sims, Adam Sims, Casey Davis

Welcome to Rocks and Runelords! Where we're slingin' rocks and slayin' Runelords. A weekly Actual Play Podcast of Paizo's adventure path Rise of the Runelords. Join your GM Wes as he runs Adam, Casey, Hannah, and Matt through the most cherished adventure path of all time.

RnR – Episode 41 – Hello World!

Welcome to episode 41 of Rocks and Runelords. This week our heroes find themselves at the gates of Magnimar! What new adventures will be had here? Find out this week!

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AMP – Episode 86 – Shigaraki: Origins

We heard you like origins, dawg, so we put an origin in your origin. It’s all about Shiggy in the battle of the acronyms in Deika City. Only one more episode left in season 5!

R&R – Episode 142 – Silence of the Lich

What a crazy episode this week. The group goes toe-to-toe with an angry Lich and only succeed in making him angrier. Someone make him a PB&J to calm him down.

R&R – Episode 141 – Azavan and Ian’s Bogus Adventure

This week, our wayward adventurers continue their exploration of the Ravenous Halls of Gluttony, encounter doors of the ‘double’ and ‘secret’ variety, and meet a guy named Iaaaaaan.

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