All Might-Y Podcast!

Hosted ByAdam Sims & Michael Adkins

Join Adam Sims and Michael Adkins as they begin their heroes' journey through My Hero Academia! Each week, they will view and discuss two episodes. You can watch along with them on Hulu, VRV, and Crunchyroll!

RnR – Episode 119 – The Unholy Conga Line From Down Southwest!

This week, our party members find themselves in the thick of combat: giants and golems and fireballs, oh my!

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RNR – Episode 122 – Seeing-Eye Frog!

This week, follow the party as they trek “through the fire room, through the shrinky room, next to dragon area” and into the Black Tower!

R&R – Episode 121 – The Gross Souvenir!

This week, let the loot hootenanny begin! Po and Vanak get some fabulous new accessories, Droth gets a tad greedy, and Villentre is a balloon.

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R&R – Episode 120 – THe Golden Door of Death!

Tune in this week as our friends really deliver some crushing (verbal) blows to the dastardly Mokmurian

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