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Hosted ByAdam Sims & Michael Adkins

Join Adam Sims and Michael Adkins as they begin their heroes' journey through My Hero Academia! Each week, they will view and discuss two episodes. You can watch along with them on Hulu, VRV, and Crunchyroll!

Meet our hosts Michael Adkins and Adam Sims! These two nerds are watching My Hero Academia and discussing two episodes a week! 

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AMP – Episode 86 – Dupe Goop!

The battle at Deika City begins! Several of the LOV get some “power ups.” LOTS of backstory and two page spreads for you manga readers. And we go extra long with bonus content!

AMP – Episode 85 – My Villain Academia!

The kids are back in school. Adkins had it right: the truth is very tragic, but only if you read Vigilantes. Shigaraki takes on a side quest to level up to become the final boss, but there is a new challenger.

AMP – Episode 84 – The. Worst. Ending Ever

Shoto, Midoriyia, and Bakugo train with Endeavor, and attempt to enjoy an awkward dinner. Natsuo gets captured by a blast from the past. Endeavor works towards atonement.

AMP – Episode 83 – Professor Endeavor!

Hawks is a sneaky boy. Endeavor realizes the stakes surrounding Hawks’ encoded message. There’s a largely irrelevant filler episode. Plus contest rules!

AMP – Episode 82 – 00 Spoonbill!

The Students learn how to interview, we celebrate Christmas with the students of 1A along with our community, Hawks is under cover and Endeavor starts training the boys

AMP – Filler Episode 81 – Smash Vol.2!

This week Adam and Adkins discuss their favorite comic strips from the Smash Volume 2!

Episode 80 – Pimp my Quirk!

The joint training arc draws to a close, we catch up Eri and Mirio, Todoroki and Bakugo are officially licensed heroes and get straight to work! Ready for Christmas in July?

AMP – Episode 79 – The Vestige Message!

Back Patio Network reviews Episodes 97 and 98 of My Hero Academia Season 5!

AMP – Episode 78 – The 78th Episode!

It’s literally in the titles of the eps: Match 3 begins and ends! We have lots of questions about Juzo’s quirk and decide Iida is a grower and not a show-er. Plus fun mundane qpplications for 1-B quirks!