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Hosted ByAdam Sims & Michael Adkins

Join Adam Sims and Michael Adkins as they begin their heroes' journey through My Hero Academia! Each week, they will view and discuss two episodes. You can watch along with them on Hulu, VRV, and Crunchyroll!

Meet our hosts Michael Adkins and Adam Sims! These two nerds are watching My Hero Academia and discussing two episodes a week! 

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AMP – Episode 68 – A Message from the Clouds!

Aizawa Solos Garvey. The fallout from the fight changes his life at the cost of another. It finally stops raining and The Hotta Brothers decide to open a Cat Cafe/Villain Rehab Clinic

AMP – Episode 67 – Unsolicted Cat Pics!

Blast from the past: We visit Aizawa and yamada during their time at UA. We meet Loud Cloud, Majin Buu, Mr. Sinister and Prince. Midnight has no clothes and Aizawa gets some goggles.

AMP – Episode 66 – There Can Be Only One!

All Might impresses with his ability (and maybe his insensitivity). Knuckleduster sets a rooftop trap for the man called Six. Koichi gets redacted. One bird was harmed in the making of this week’s episodes.

AMP – Episode 65 – I’m Just a Balloon!

Captain Celebrity and Koichi keep the sky egg in the air, while the heroes panic, the Nomu’s keep coming and a godly hero arrives. While the readers are treated with Flashbackapalooza!

AMP – Episode 64 – Party Crashers!

Captain Celebrity’s going away party is rudely interrupted by nomu who were themselves rudley interrupted by Tsukauchi’s sting operation. All Might get inexplicably ghosted by Tsukauchi.

AMP – Episode 63 – Knuckleduster Returns!

Turns out Hina ate vomit just to eat vomit. No other reason. We discuss where a second set of arms on your body would be most advantageous. Captain Celebrity...

AMP – Episode 62 – Heroes Rising Review!

Join Mike and Adam as they discuss the latest MHA movie, Heroes Rising!

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AMP – Episode 61 – Shooty-Go-Blam!

Koichi, Aizawa, and the Hotta Bros team up to bring a rampaging squid-man down. Our scar-faced friend sends chills down our spines. And we’ve got some interesting theories in mind!

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AMP – Episode 60 – 8 Punch Man!

The gang gets some SWAG. We ponder Fat Gum’s weight gain secrets. Tsukauchi smells like roses. We learn WAY too much about the bathroom habits of mantises. Brought to...