Rocks and Runelords

Hosted ByWes Smith, Matt Brewer, Hannah Sims, Adam Sims, Casey Davis

Welcome to Rocks and Runelords! Where we're slingin' rocks and slayin' Runelords. A weekly Actual Play Podcast of Paizo's adventure path Rise of the Runelords. Join your GM Wes as he runs Adam, Casey, Hannah, and Matt through the most cherished adventure path of all time.

Yenli’s Journal -Starday, 25th of Rova, 4707

Rocks and Runelords – Episode 158 – Time to Relax

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R&R – Episode 157 – The Sands of Time

The party’s time in the Runeforge draws ever closer to the end. How will the party escape, will the sands of time catch up to Hadassa, and what will happen to Thunkhead? Tune in to find out, and to listen to Wes (as Thunkhead) sing some melodious tunes!

R&R – Episode 156 – You’re Humongous in the Festering Maze of Sloth

Villentre is tempted by the switches out in front of him, while Hadassa and Safi encounter some dangerously large tentacle creatures. How will the party continue through the maze of sloth?

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