Character Art

Gage Hutchings is a digital artist whose interests encompass a vast array of goofy, nerdy nonsense – including videogames, tabletops, RPGs, cosplay, larping, and music. Right now, Gage primarily makes a living off of commissions, the majority of which are based on tabletop and roleplay characters.
Gage also sells prints and stickers on hisĀ website.


Kan writes and draws the comics ‘Radiowave Communication’, ‘Ultramarine Weather’, ‘Happiness Theory’, and ‘Glen Hollow'(upcoming release). They mainly work digital or watercolour. Commissions are currently closed but will be open occasionally! Find their comics here!

Jillie Eves

Miri Carney

Jason Ammons

Getting Into Po-sition

Fan Art

We love receiving fan art! If you’d like to send us artwork of your favorite characters, send them to fanmail@backpationetwork.comĀ