Just a reminder:

  • Please no Save vs. Death.
  • Ability Damage is encouraged, but no more than 1d4 total.
  • Indicate if the damage is 2x or Normal. That will effect 3x and 4x weapons by one step (I.e. normal damage would make a 3x do 2x damage. Double damage means a 3x weapon does 3x damage)
  • Make it Fun! We’re going to be reading this on-air, so be as entertaining as you want.
  • Fumbles should be inventive. We’ll edit entries as needed.


Wes from Alexandria

Critical Hit – Melee Attack:
Your weapon finds a hole in the armor and pierces through into the enemy.
2x damage and Pin the target to the ground or an object behind it.

Casey From Egypt

Critical Fail – Melee weapon attack:
Your weapon feels greasy and slimy… As you swing it slips right out of your hand flying over the head of the enemy. You are now unarmed and due to the nasty slime on the hilt, you are now nauseated. Your weapon is within one move action from your current position, but more than a 5 ft step.