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We are thrilled and humbled to invite you to our patio! Here, we aim to kick back, relax, and deliver high quality podcasts. The Back Patio Network promises a variety of fun, innovative podcasts to suit anyone's entertainment needs, from actual play Pathfinder to a study of all of your favorite comic book icons. Now, grab something to drink and pull up a chair.


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Board Games

Join our Discord channel to realy be part of the Patio! We are building an amazing community with all our listeners. Want to discuss our podcasts, all things table top games and comics? Then this is the place for you! We even have a fun text based Pokemon game! Come on over and join us on the Patio!


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Check out these sweet #MyHeroAcadamia #UniVersus #CCG decks! While you are at it, give @Allmightypod a listen for some #MHA coverage. We cover the Anime and Vigilantes!

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Allmight-Y Podcast @Allmightypod
Here's your chance to snag a #MyHeroAcademia #CCG Midoriya/Bakugo deck set. Check out the link on how to enter! Unfortunately, due to shipping constraints this is limited to the Contiguous U.S. Please retweet and comment your fave #MHA character and why!

It's #AllmightyMonday! This week Adkins and Adam discuss episodes 103/104 of #MyHeroAcademia. We also talk rules for our #MHA #UniVersus giveaway! Be sure to follow @Allmightypod for more info!