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The Back Patio Network is all about that nice, warm feeling you get at home out on the back patio—complete with a cozy rocking chair and a glass of iced tea. We bring our favorite hobbies to our audience via a series of podcasts; Role Playing Games, Comics and Board Games are just a few of those hobbies.

After a year of podcasting, we know just how expensive it can be to maintain a podcast. There are server costs, music licensing, hosting costs, new gaming materials, hosting costs, equipment maintenance, and did we mention hosting costs? Several of our longtime listeners have asked for a way to help us defray those costs, and Patreon is a great choice. Every dollar raised will go towards creating a welcoming atmosphere and many hours of amusement for your ears.

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One thing we at the Back Patio Network would like to stress is if you are not able to easily donate $5 a month or more, we ask you to use your money to make yourself happy and healthy first! To paraphrase the intro from Waking Up With Sam Harris, “If you cannot afford to buy yourself a cup of coffee, please don’t buy one for us.” Please tell a few friends about us instead! We grow our fan-base by word of mouth. Find someone you think would enjoy what we do, wrestle their phone away, and subscribe to our podcasts for them! We’ll love you for it!

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