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Do you enjoy board games? We do too! Our very own Hannah Sims often reviews board games for our good friends over at Nerds On Earth!  

Check out some of her reviews here!

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@RichLayne Hey Rich, sorry to see you had some issues. Wednesdays are still our regular release! Did you get today's episode?

@Matthew59294336 I've never looked into Dr. Slump but i'd be interested! Did you find it streaming somewhere or a DvD pack? I bet @EL_Schmadkins would be interested too!

Episode 145 of Rocks and Runelords is LIVE! The group's journey in the hallway of gluttony continues! Did Po make the right decision, or will the party continue to struggle? Find out this week!
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EASILY our highest rated movie so far! Can’t wait to officially begin the Z movies with Dead Zone!