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Do you enjoy board games? We do too! Our very own Hannah Sims often reviews board games for our good friends over at Nerds On Earth!  

Check out some of her reviews here!

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It's #AllMightYMonday! Episode 59 of the @Allmightypod is live! Koichi awakens to a new move. Trigger's bad, mmkay? And there's some mechacrabtastic rampaging. Is Pop doomed?
#podcast #BokuNoHeroAcademia #MyHeroAcademia #anime
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It was supposed to be #FillerFriday but @therealsimso hit the wrong button! Join @earthnerdadkins for a quick review of the #MyHeroAcademia School Briefs on this weeks filler episode of @Allmightypod! We hope you have a great weekend!

What a week for BPN Patrons! Extra episodes with @mrssimso and @WestheGM and early episodes of @RandRpod! On top of that, patrons had some awesome stuff sent their way! If you haven't checked out our Patreon be sure to give it a look!
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@BackPatioNet Patrons just got a Patrons Only bonus ep in their feed. It's true side-quest material as Wes and Hannah explore a magical university.

Adkins makes puns?! Could be strike two. Currently accepting resumes for qualified cohosts. Must be able to tolerate Adam’s unique vocabulary.