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This week on Rocks and Runelords, follow the party as they trek "through the fire room, through the shrinky room, next to dragon area" and into the Black Tower!
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Set an alarm for 9PM EST tonight. @BackPatioNet presents Episode #12 of Age of Heroes on

We are playing through the Shackled City Adventure Path from #DnD 3rd edition converted to 5th.

@KickTheTable will be there. Will you be?

ICYMI: The Lost Omens Announcement Panel from PAXOnline 2020.
This was our first big reveal of The Mwangi Expanse. Look for more at PaizoCon.
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The players on the @BackPatioNet's discord channel have already seen most of the map, but just got there. So, no spoilers!

This week on Rocks and Runelords, let the loot hootenanny begin! Po and Vanak get some fabulous new accessories, Droth gets a tad greedy, and Villentre is a balloon.
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