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Rocks and Runelords

Hosted ByWes Smith, Matt Brewer, Hannah Sims, Adam Sims, Casey Davis

Welcome to Rocks and Runelords! Where we're slingin' rocks and slayin' Runelords. A weekly Actual Play Podcast of Paizo's adventure path Rise of the Runelords. Join your GM Wes as he runs Adam, Casey, Hannah, and Matt through the most cherished adventure path of all time.

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Comic Book Cabinet

Hosted ByAdam Sims & Wes Smith

Join your hosts Adam and Wes as they explore the History of Comics, one character at a time. Listen and learn with them as they read and explore comics from Antman to Zatanna and so much more! If you enjoy comics this is the podcast for you! We have a pre-season episode out now with much more to come early 2019!

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The New Path Podcast

Hosted ByMatt Brewer, Hannah Sims, Wes Smith, Adam Sims, Casey Davis

The New Path Podcast is dedicated to the Pathfinder Play Test created by Paizo Publishing. Matt Brewer is the GM of the new Doomsday Dawn Adventure Path. Come Learn the new system with us!
Releasing Bi-Monthly.

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Do you enjoy board games? We do too! Our very own Hannah Sims often reviews board games for our good friends over at Nerds On Earth!  

Check out some here reviews here!

@CosmicCrit has been producing incredible content over the last couple of years! Definitely check these fine folks out! They have their patreon up and running!
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Cosmic Crit Podcast 💫 @CosmicCrit
The Cosmic Crit Patreon is up and running & we are beating on the door of accomplishing some awesome goals!

If you want to help make this podcast thrive in season 2 join in at the "Flanking Buddiez!" level and become a sophisticated Morlamaw patron!

Happy #Starfinder Monday Crittermanders!

We have passed the first 2 goals of our new patreon, and that means monthly Twitch streams from the cast & crew!

Join us tonight at 9:15 PM EST and we will talk season 1, patreon details & all things Cosmic Crit!
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@tyraenc We are a #podcasting network! We'd love for you to check some of ours pods out. One of them might be up your alley!

Congrats @CosmicCrit you all are incredible!
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Cosmic Crit Podcast 💫 @CosmicCrit
We bring this season to a close with farewells & fanfares! This is it!

Join us for an "Epic-logue" to remember in Episode 73 as we say "So Long, and Thanks for All the Crits"

...and do not skip the special announcement at the end of this extravaganza!

@jonathan_cyr294 That's amazing! #rpgs are even better when you are getting to okay them with family! I can't wait for our nieces to be old enough to play!

@jonathan_cyr294 Nice! Lycanthropy is no joke in #Pathfinder! It can make for some interesting dilemmas for a party but at first level? Brutal!