Episode 92 – Pod Person

Find out this week whether Villentre survives his ordeal with Barl. Will his friends come to his aid or leave him dying in the snow? 

What else could be hiding in this cavern?

Do Stone Giants even have organs?

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Episode 127 – Bad Doggies!

This week, our friends jump right back into the drama! Will Po and Droth settle their quarrel? Will Derrus ever get to share his secrets? Meanwhile, Vanak has more fireballs than you can even imagine, and Villentre does NOT listen at doors.

AMP – Episode 79 – The Vestige Message!

Back Patio Network reviews Episodes 97 and 98 of My Hero Academia Season 5!

R&R – Episode 126 – The Chillinder!

Strap on your adventuring bib! This week, Villentre dives headfirst into the seafood diet, Po and Droth hit a friendship bump, and Vanak is just plain stunned.

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