The Sandpoint Heroes


Miriam Carney, a halfling turning 35 for the 30th time! She and Gord are looking for one last adventure before settling down. Owning a haberdashery has been a nice reprieve from life on the...

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Safi’s Character Sheet

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Deruss was tracking Fenlen down for stealing from him when he ran into the “Sandpoint Heroes”. He had to join them to win back his possessions. For now, he’s decided to stay with the...

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Fenlen, the elf with a beard. One of a Kind!  Character Sheet Fenlen Fenlen (Casey ) MaleChaotic Goodelfmagus 4 Strength : 13 (+1 ) Dexterity : 18 (+4 ) Constitution : 12 (+1 )...

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Yenli is a half-elf Ulfen! Not too many of those around. This one unique individual stumbles into Sandpoint looking for a fish to fry! Instead, she gets involved in a goblin raid, local conspiracy,...

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Benjen Marsh

Benjen Marsh was born in Sandpoint to Beth and Juda Marsh. He was born 3 months early but larger than any other baby recorded. Other than his size, he was just like every other...

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